To do

What is missing?

While the concept of VisualOberon has been proofen to work, a lot of things still have to be done. There are still a number of objects and features missing. VisualOberon is currently a project of a few people and it is clear that their man power offered is not enough to make VisualOberon the state of the art GUI engine it could without doubt be.

Thus VisualOberon definitely needs the active support of more people. This should of course mainly be programmers but also designer and people with knowledge about various systems and concepts are needed. We also need more demo programs and people using VisualOberon for real world applications. People writing documentation are also welcomed.

What do get in return for your investement in VisualOberon? First you can learn much about the design and the implementation of a huge project. You learn much about the design of a GUI system from ground of. VisualOberon and it full published source code lets you look behind the scences of a modern, object orientated GUI. You can learn much about cooperating and programming in a team.

There are also direct advantages for your own programs. VisualOberon, due to its powerfull design, offers you an excellent plattform for rapid protoyping, quick and safe depevelopment of even larger applications. It multiplies the power and simplicity of the object orientated programming language Oberon-2, the famous succesor of languages like Pascal, with its own powerfull object-orientated design and its flexibility, and offers you the tool you may have waited for. The use of a portable designed core interface to the underlying operating system, garantees that your applications will run under a variety of systems. The build in possibility to fundamentally change and feel also garantee that your applications will also adapt to the look and feel of the used system.

More detailed list of things to do

A more detailed list of things to do can be found in the VisualOberon package itself. Read the file TODO.