Downloading VisualOberon

To get VisualOberon working you have to install a number of software packages. First for compiling you need a compiler in this case that is oo2c.

oo2c itself however more or less depends on a number of additional packages, that are mainly the garbage collector by Hans Böhm and libtool to enable oo2c to build dynamic libraries on a number of systems. While the first one is definitaly needed, the second one is optional, but I would highly urge you to install it. Please install gc and libtool first and after that oo2c.

All three packages (oo2c, gc and libtool) have addtion READMEs about installation. Installation is simple.

After having the compiler running, you have to install another OS-dependend library for the compiler. If you are running X11, this are the (partial) X11 includes ported to oo2c, if you are running Windows, these are parts of the OS API (which contains methods for accessing the grafic subsystem used by VisualOberon).

Installtion of that module sis rather simple, too.

Next step is to install libxml, since VisualOberon uses this library for preferences loading and saving (and in future version for other stuff, too). Similar to oo2c the archive contains README and INSTALL files for further information. It all comes down to run configure and make install with root rights.

After that you can finaly install VisualOberon itself. Installation is similar to the installation of oo2c. Calling configure and make is all you need. VisualOberon contains a number of demos and test programms, so you can test your installtion.

The following tables list all needed and optional packages together a short description.

VisualOberon core modules:

VisualOberon Sourceforge

The basic VisualOberon package containing all VO-related stuff and some small OS-independent demos.

Besides the complete oo2c developement enviroment for your plattform you need the X11 package for the oo2c compiler to run the X11 version and the Win32 package to run the Windows version. You also need the Win32 patch for the Windows version of VisualOberon.

Unpack into a own directory, run the configure script in the main directory and the run make install. This will compile VisualOberon and install it in a oo2c subdirectory. After that you can go into the demos subdirectory and call make again to compile the included demos.

OS-specific packages for VisualOberon:

X11, Windows, Carbon Sourceforge

The OS/plattform specific modules for the oo2c compiler. They contain a partial port of of the corresponding OS/plattform headers. Download them, if you want to develope applications for that special plattform or if you want to use VO for that plattform.

Unpack, run configure script and call make install. Note taht you have to configure, compile and install VisualOberon again, if you want to make use of that plattform.

oo2c, libxml and other necessary packges for oo2c:


This is the home page of the OOC/oo2c compiler. Here you will find the sources for the the compiler itself, extensive information and documentation about Oberon2 and the compiler and also links to other (optional) packages you need.

You will also find libxml here.


You will need libtool if you want to generate shared libraries for the oo2c library, VisualOberon or your own libraries. The compiler will work without it, but all executables will be statically linked resulting in huge executables.

AFAIK libtool currently does not support Windows so it is not possible to use shared libraries under Windows. This will result in huge binaries but apart from that will not influence the workablity of the compiler or VisualOberon.

gc Home page of Hans-J. Boehm. He is the author of a generic garbage collector. oo2c makes use of this gc so you must have it installed to use the the compiler.
CygWin Homepage of the Windows port of the gcc compiler. You will need the full developement enviroment (the compiler and the various shell tools including bash, ls etc.), if you plan to use oo2c and/or VisualOberon under Windows.