The initial look of the main demo program:

A demonstration of the powerfull text object class:

Checkmarks and radiobuttons:

The pane group object. The size of the colored areas can be changed by moving the little sizing images:

Various other objects from top to button: the scale image, the slider, a push button, a disabled pushbutton, a cycle button, a fuelgauge, and a string gadget:

A list of textobjects:

A readonly list of xpm images:

The clock class:

A table of all 256 characters:

An older version of the XCal program by Michael Griebling:

The main window of the ExCalc program by Michael Griebling:

The function plotter window of ExCalc:

The help window of the ExCalc application:

A little "Hello world!" application:

The preferences application for VisualOberon:

A demo for a program, that displays the size of all your partitions:

VisualQuery: A small SQL query program that show the result of the query with in a table:

Demo of the plot object:

Little demo for the date and timer pickers: