I have released a new version. This version works using oo2c version 2.0.18. Changes are:

  • Some prototype of a controller class for mapping input to object functionality.
  • Improved Edit control.
  • Improved file open dialog.
  • Menu navigation via keyboard.
  • More usage of STRING.
  • Improved drawing including support for offscreen drawing.
  • Improved Curses version, now works also on black white terminals - but still not perfect.
  • Improved image loading.
  • Bugfixes, bugfixes, bugfixes.
  • Improvement of VGD. Added more VGD handler.
  • Support for Xft version 2 as found in newer distributions.
  • Packages for Windows and Carbon modules, needed for developing applications for Window sand Mac OS X, used by the coresponding driver module sin VisualOberon.

Goals for the next release are:

  • Make use of the new destructor feature of the compiler. This will require to rename of the currently used Free methods.
  • More usage of the new controller pattern.
  • Further improvements of the file dialog.
  • Further improvements of the table object.
  • Rewrite of table models and use of selection models (should be bound to the control not the model).
  • More improvements to the theming code and some theming examples.
  • More code changes towards usage of STRING in favour of ARRAY OF CHAR. It is time to completely drop ARRAY OF CHAR stuff in all object interfaces.
  • Implement our own window handling in the Curses driver to get rid of nasty refresh and terminal clipping problems.
  • Make more use of oo2c ADT library modules.
  • Get webside up to date (screenshots, up to date code examples, complete applications section).
  • Reactivate texinfo documentation.
  • Perhaps support for native double buffering?
  • Perhaps support for select on Mac OS X.
  • Perhaps improvement of drag and drop.


A new instance of our regular christmas edition is out. This version works using oo2c version 2.0.16. Changes are:

  • Separated theming from normal preference loading. You now can plugin in a new theme while keeping the rest of your preference settings (but currently no plugins, some small examples will come later).
  • Small improvements to the Edit-object.
  • Enhanced file dialog.
  • Added modules to store images as PNG or PPM.
  • Improved and simplified VGD.
  • Online documentation using new tool VGDDoc.
  • Modules for video/image capturing under Linux (v4l) and Mac OS X, Windows (quicktime).
  • rewritten table object. Simpler code. Does now support table column resizing.
  • Usual bugfixes.
  • Some new demos/programs in CVS (simple client for the dict protocol, Texteditor, File search utility, CD player for linux, very minimal Webcam utility using capture functionality in VO).

The new version is out. This version should work together with current oo2c compiler (currently 2.0.14). Changes:

  • Starting support for Curses
  • Support for Carbon (Mac OS X)
  • Support for Windows
  • libImlib is gone, we now have direct support for image loading.
  • Automatic probing of driver
  • New demos
  • Clipboard support
  • More support for new oo2c datatype STRING
  • Much improved theming
  • General usability improvements
  • Reworked configuration format and changed filenaming sheme
  • Reworked focus chain handling
  • Bugfixes
  • Code cleanup
Note, that some code necessary for the Windows, Carbon and Curses version is not yet published on the Sourceforge webside. Please contact the developers through the mailinglist to get these files and the necessray installation information.


Please note that because of ongoing changes in the oo2c standard library API, the latest distribution of VO might not work together with the latest oo2c distribution. This is currently the case! Please fetch the current CVS version from the sourceforge homepage in this case. I'm planing a new official release soon.


The new version is out. Notice, that this version will correctly work together with oo2c 2.0.5 and 2.0.6.

New features:

  • New control VO:ViewOneOfN simplifies the use of VO:Tab, VO:Table and VO:Combo to view one of a number of views.
  • Improved preferences dialog.
  • A first version of Forms, helping you to write simple input dialogs working on a list of attributes. See FormDemo1 for an example.
  • Information about the current selection of a table is now separated from the table itself using the class VO:Model:Selection.
  • A number of bugfixes. Especially the menues should work much better now.
  • A number of visualisation improvements.
  • Better font handling. VisualOberon now internally always uses unicode fonts for displaying text. It uses the XML codes of the standard library to transform non-unicode text into the correct unicode encoding.

    This simplifies the code and allows you now to work with foreign charsets without changing your code.

    To further support this, most controls now can work on the new datatype STRING, too.

    Future version of VisualOberon will remove direct support for simple string as soon as the standard library has improved its support for STRING.

  • A number of APIs have changed. Please reads the changelog carefully to find out more about the details. If you have problems, ask!
  • Improved file selection dialog.
  • New image loading library! VisualOberon now has support for directly loading images by using some low level image loading libraries without using imlib.

    The code is not yet very well tested. It does work on x86 Linux using 16 or 24 (and maybe 32) bit color depth. Other color depths currently will not work.

    To activate the code, set USE_VO_IMAGE in your pkginfo.xml to TRUE and recompile.

  • Improved reference documentation.
  • Some new demos.